Imaging is the concept used to name the set of techniques and procedures that make it possible to obtain images of the body of patients for clinical purposes.
Having equipment that provides high-quality images is necessary for the correct diagnosis of possible pathologies in patients and, above all, for it to be more reliable and safe.

So VETME Veterinary Hospital We have state-of-the-art equipment to carry out different types of studies such as;
• Ultrasound:
– Evaluation of abdomen (A-Fast).
– Chest evaluation (T-Fast and Vet-blue).
– Heart evaluation (echocardiogram).
– Joint and eye evaluation.

• Digitization of radiographic studies.
– Simple radiographic studies.
– Radiographic studies with contrast medium.

• Endoscopy:
– Removal of foreign bodies.
– Biopsies.

We collaborate with different veterinary diagnostic centers with which we support ourselves to carry out studies that require specialized equipment such as magnetic resonance imaging and computational tomography.

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