Preventive medicine

VETME Veterinary Hospital is a leading group with avant-garde healthcare infrastructure, technology and processes, which is why the prevention and timely diagnosis of diseases is a priority. That is why we have an exclusive office for preventive medicine for puppies of both dogs and cats, as well as assigned doctors exclusively from this area, who will design the appropriate vaccination and deworming scheme for each patient according to their needs, in addition to offer tips for optimal care.

Our preventive medicine services are:

• Vaccination and deworming of unconventional dogs, cats and pets: A specific table will be generated for each of our patients according to their immune status.

• Health certificate: It is extremely important when traveling with your pet, whether national or international, it is also important to know the requirements of the place you are traveling to as these will vary from place to place.

• Placement of national and international chip.

• National and international chip reading.

• Dental cleaning (dental prophylaxis).

• Body condition assessment.

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