What is an unconventional pet or wildlife? They are species other than dogs and cats that are kept as pets. For example, whose, rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, hedgehogs, canaries, Australian parakeets, turtles, iguanas, among many others.

At VETME Veterinary Hospital we offer quality medical care, with highly qualified personnel and, in addition, we provide nutritional advice, accommodation and general care for each of the species.

We have equipment for a timely diagnosis, and the ability to solve surgical and medical problems of said pets; In addition, we have an isolated hospitalization area, where the environment, nutrition and temperature requirements of each species are covered.

It is important that, when taking your pet to consult, it is in a transporter with adequate space and ventilation; It is necessary to bring photos of your habitat or accommodation, details of the food you eat and any medical prescriptions or medications that have been administered to you.

In the case of "Mexican parrots" or "Mexican primates", who need hospitalization, their accreditation will be necessary before the pertinent authorities, for which we require that they have and present their registration, permit, invoice or document that guarantees their legal origin.

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