It is a branch of veterinary medicine that is based on evaluating patients who suffer from a functional deficit or disability, in order to formulate a plan through different physical therapies and be able to prevent further damage, regain functionality, control (inflammation and pain) and thus providing comprehensive care to the neurological, osteoarticular and muscular systems, as well as stopping the advance of chronic degenerative diseases.

These therapies improve the quality of life of our patients, not only of dogs and cats but also of non-conventional companion animals.

Mainly the pets that come to need more of this branch of veterinary medicine, are those with musculoskeletal and / or neurological processes, which in some cases also require surgical management and then help the recovery of the hand from rehabilitation, such as: neuropathies, Knee or vertebral dislocations, patients with osteoarthritis, fractures, hip or elbow dysplasia, cranial cruciate ligament rupture, herniated discs and geriatric patients.

The main therapies performed at VETME Veterinary Hospital are:


It consists of the application of light energy at a determined wavelength in order to facilitate and stimulate cellular biochemical activity. That is why it deals with cases of pain and inflammation, in addition to helping wound healing.


It is based on the application of electrical current on the muscles for stimulation and contraction. Its purpose is to increase strength and muscle mass, as well as to generate analgesia, inflammation and muscle stimulation.


It consists of the application of sterilized metal needles at specific points to generate physiological responses. It can be used to regulate the body, to generate analgesia and stimulate the nervous system (pain and inflammation).


It is an effective heat-producing modality in the post-acute state or in chronic injuries. It helps to improve muscle and tissue relaxation, stimulating circulation in the area to be treated.


It is a therapy based on the application of ozone / medicinal oxygen through different routes of administration, exerting oxidation and oxygenation effects, helping to stimulate metabolism, promoting prompt healing, as well as helping with analgesic and anti-inflammatory.


It is the treatment by means of low frequency and low intensity magnetic fields, this therapy mainly helps in reducing pain and inflammation.


It is a therapy used when there is a limitation in some joint angle, as well as in patients who present some claudication or problems in their locomotion (problems to move from one place to another).


It is not only an aroma therapy, but also a therapy with aromatic plants from which essential oils are extracted. All this helps us reduce or avoid stress, anxiety and improve relaxation.


Massage is considered as "any manual or mechanical technique that methodically mobilizes tissues for therapeutic, preventive, hygienic, aesthetic or sports purposes". It is used in order to stimulate circulation (blood and lymphatic), pain management and break adhesions.

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