In VETME Veterinary Hospital we have in our different branches fully equipped and sterile operating rooms for the performance of different types of procedures, as well as inhaled anesthesia station which allow us to achieve a safe anesthesia during the procedures, with a quick recovery compared to others types of anesthesia.

Our surgery team is made up of doctors specializing in medicine and surgery of dogs and cats who fulfill the role of surgeon, veterinarians who have carried out postgraduate studies in the area of anesthesiology who occupy the position of anesthetist and zootechnical veterinary doctors who have successfully completed the degree. We perform different types of procedures, such as:

• Elective procedures:
- Sterilization of females (OSH).
- Sterilization of males (Orchiectomy). - Dental prophylaxis.

• Soft tissue procedures;
- Correction of different types of hernias.
- Liver surgery.
- Bowel surgery.
- Stomach surgery.
- Prostate surgery.
- Spleen surgery.
- Esophagus surgery.
- Gallbladder surgery.
- Bladder surgery.
- Surgery of reproductive systems.
- Obtaining biopsies.

• Orthopedic procedures;
- Correction of fractures.
- Correction of hip dysplasia.
- Correction of patellar luxation.
- Correction of elbow dislocation.
- Correction of deformities. 
- Osteotomy.
- Amputation of limbs.

• Neurological procedures;
- Obtaining cerebrospinal fluid.
- Intervertebral disc decompression.
- Neuroleptoanalgesia procedures.

• Ophthalmic procedures;
- Entropion correction.
- Entropion correction.
- Ocular enucleation.
- Blepharoplasty.
- Correction of corneal ulcers.
- Correction of prolapse of the 3rd eyelid.

• Oncological procedures;
- Removal of tumors.
– Biopsies.
- Removal of the mammary gland.

• Endoscopic procedures;
– Removal of foreign bodies.
– Biopsies.
- Performance of colonoscopy.

All surgeries are performed in a completely sterile environment, under inhaled anesthesia and monitored before, during and after the procedure by a member of our medical team.

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