There are different situations in which you may require a health certificate from your pet and we can help you with that. For its issuance it is necessary to present the vaccination card and that these are valid, attend a consultation to corroborate your health through a general physical examination.

If you travel internationally and decide to bring your pet, we recommend you go to the embassy of the country you are visiting to ask about the specific requirements of that place.

Remember to ask at least two months in advance the requirements because there are processes that take more than a month to be carried out. All airlines have different requirements, so we recommend that you verify what the corresponding airline requests.

If it is the first time that your pet travels to the European Union or does not have a passport, you will need a form that is in SAGARPA which we can provide and fill out so that you can complete the pertinent procedure at the airport, this form will help you to process the passport once you are in the European Union.

Remember that the health certificate is only valid for 5 days.

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